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Lilom is a small, family-run resort in San Teodoro, Mabini (Anilao) Batangas.

In truth, we feel she's more of a 'guesthouse' rather than a resort - she's our sweet little home away from home and we hope you feel the same way when you come stay with us.

We must say though that if you're looking for a 5-star and luxurious resort experience, then Lilom might not be for you. Lilom is rustic, casual and homey and welcomes all guests who are equally easygoing and laidback.

Lilom is a local dialect that means Under the Shade.  It was first mentioned to us by the lovable mother of our wonderful staff, when she beckoned us to seek shelter under the shade of their mango tree when it was raining hard one day.

We found it fitting then to name the place Lilom ... well firstly because of the beautiful trees in the property that always give us shade and comfort from the summer sun or the pouring rain, but more importantly, because when life gets a little too 'hot' to handle, we seek solace in Lilom and experience life under the shade.​



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To book, e-mail us at lilomresort@gmail.com

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